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Apr 02

No its not the same as the feature in your mobile phone, and its not a part of the Opera Mini feature list also. Its yet another innovative feature by the Opera programmers at Norway. Speed Dial lets you set your favourite bookmarks in a speed dial fashion. Confused, Click on the pics below !

Opera Speed Dial Feature

Opera Speed Dial Feature

Opera Speed Dial Feature

“Speed Dial is based on the idea that people generally have five to 10 sites they browse regularly throughout the day,” said Johan Borg, team manager for Opera’s desktop browser. “Speed Dial is made for almost instant access to those sites. We want developers and the curious-minded to discover Speed Dial. When they do, we hope they’ll help us with another rigorous round of testing before the final release.”

Each bookmark on the speed dial is represented by its thumbnail view, entering the number in address book opens the URL. Really Exciting Feature !

You may download the new Opera Browser from labs.opera.com

Please remember opera’s latest version is in Beta stage, we recommend you download the stable version only.

Images Credit : Opera Software


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