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Mar 30


Microsoft unveiled the Deepfish mobile browser for smartphones. The browser is based on the Seadragon technology, which was a company acquired by Microsoft. The software displays the webpages like they would be displayed on your desktop. The beauty lies in the zooming and panning features of the software.It also optimises bandwidth ,i believe that this must be like the bandwidth optimisation of Opera Mini.
Currently the browser is in testing mode and is available by invitation only. Lets hope this great software is released to the public soon.

The Windows Live Team working on deepfish was quoted as

“With the Deepfish technology, we capture the full layout of the page and deliver it to the mobile device, resulting in an experience similar to that on the desktop. Deepfish provides users with a full ‘as-designed’ view of virtually any Web site on their mobile device and looks as you would expect it to on your desktop, allowing much more of the Web to be easily viewed on a mobile device than is possible today. The interface lets users zoom in and out on the parts of a Web page that interest them in an intuitive way, making it easy to use these large-screen formatted pages on a mobile device. On current mobile browsers, it can typically take up to a minute or more for a Web page to render, however the Deepfish architecture only loads the user-specified portion of the page, providing much quicker page-load times, as detailed information is only retrieved as needed or in the background.”

System Requirements of Deepfish

  • Device: Windows Mobile Smart Phone or Pocket PC.
  • Operating System: Windows Mobile 5.0+
  • Internet connection: Required.
  • For Desktop setup: NET Framework 2.0, ActiveSync 4.0+ or Windows Mobile Device Center(WMDC) for Vista.
  • Minimum Device Memory: 64MB Program Memory. Deepfish supports external storage when available.

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  1. sabarivasan Says:

    sir, i am using Imate jama mobile and I need proxy settings for using internet with airtel as service provider

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