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Mar 25

Software : Opera Mini

URL : http://www.operamini.com

Platform : PALM OS


Absolute Rubbish !

Opera Mini happens to be my favourite software across all mobile applications. So when i found out they finally had the PALM version i was excited. The earlier MIDP 2 version always used to crash in the IBM virtual java thingy of my Palm Treo 650.

I logged onto operamini.com using my phone, Opera didnt recogonise my phone as a phone and displayed the HTML page instead. I clicked on download, and selected my phone. I downloaded the ‘free’ .prc version of Opera Mini. It got downloaded fairly quickly and got installed. I open it and it asked for random strings just like it always does to secure my connection.

Then i entered a URL and kept the phone on my desk, one minute later i found Opera Mini had crashed. I tried again , only this time i watched the crashing in action, it tried to open the license agreement and crashed again.

I uninstalled opera mini, blazer is fine for me !

My Verdict – Opera Mini is uncompatible with Palm Treo 650, no matter what they claim.

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