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Mar 15

Well expect lots of Symbian and PALM OS mobile application reviews, my new Nokia N series handset is great and can run most of the popular Symbian as well as J2ME applications.

Software : Gmail Application For Mobile

URL : http://www.gmail.com/app (Open with mobile phone only)

Platforms : J2ME and Symbian


The GMAIL Mobile Application enables you to check your GMAIL account using your phone and a GPRS (or EDGE) connection. Your mobile phone must have a proper security certificate to communicate with the GMAIL server. For Airtel India users, the mobile office plan will do the trick, it costs 500 rupees a month(or was it 499, big psychological edge any management student will tell you).
Logging Into GMAIL

Gmail Mobile Application Login

When you open the application, you will be prompted to select a connection, choose your GPRS connection which allows ou to access all sites.Then enter your username(BTW we don’t own wisetechie username on gmail) and password, the GMAIL application will log you in pretty quickly. The Application will then display your Inbox. At this stage Google by default starts pre-fetching your emails, so opening them is almost instantaneous.

Gmail Application Inbox


You can choose to be signed in forever, no signout button appears in the application, so to sign out you must uncheck the option from settings. For those with limited bandwidth accounts, we recommend you switch off pre-fetching in Settings or be ready to face a huge broadband bill :P.

Gmail App Mobile settings

Accessing Messages

Click on the message to open it, you should note that this utility only allows you to see the name and number of attachments and not actually open them.

Gmail Application Email

Manage Messages

From the menu here you can archive a message, mark it as unread, star it, or report it as spam.

Gmail Application

You may also note that spam messages cant be accessed from this application., only inbox, starred mail, sent mail and mail by labels can be viewed from here.

Gmail Application

Composing a Message

Its pretty easy to compose emails using this app, you can easily search for your contacts in real time as shown in the next screenshot.

Gmail Application Gmail Application

Mail Search

Nothing made by google is complete without the customary search feature, this one is great as well, the processing is done at the Google servers , hence its as fast as anything again. The search results are the same obtained when searching from normal Gmail.com interface.

Gmail Application

Final Verdict

With this nifty symbian utility its a lot more easier to check your email on the run, the utility packs a punch in the huge variety of features it has, much more than the Gmail Mobile Website, but its not perfect also. It offers a quick and convenient way to access your GMAIL email accounts with your symbian device.
For one this utility lacks attachment support, so its basically useless for a lot of people who need to use attachments a lot. Also the lack of a signout button is a series functionality issue, to sign out you must unselect automatically logout and then exit and open the utility again.

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