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Mar 09

This post goes out to all those who have limited bandwidth Internet accounts, and would like to save their limited bandwidths. Even though i dont have a limited bandwidth account, sometimes when i want to check my email fast, i still use Gmail for mobiles or Yahoo WAP to save time.

With some tips and tricks, this is possible on your Personal Computer. Here is a step by step guide telling how to access Yahoo Mail and Gmail through WAP through your computer , in the process saving some very hard earned bandwidth=money and time (also=money).

1. Get Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox will help us open the WML pages.

2. Install the WML Browser Addon (Extension). WML stands for Wireless Markup Language, for your understanding, think of it as HTML for WAP(Mobile) devices.

For Yahoo Mail

Log onto wap.yahoo.co.in (Almost all nationalities’s people will be able to use this, except Japan i think because they have a different username system), Click on mail, and login !!!!

Yahoo WAP Screenshot

Yahoo Mail WAP Screenshot


For Gmail Email

Log onto http://m.gmail.com

Gmail mobile screenshot

Enter username and password and you are through !!!

How this would save bandwidth and time

This is very elementary, most cell phone WAP connections these days are low speed and expensive and billed by usage. Hence it makes sense to have only stripped down pages as WAP or WML pages. While a normal page may require a data transfer of 200 kbs, a WAP page would be about 4-5 kbs. a saving of approx 195 kbs. It you visit that page very frequently, it makes even more sense as the savings in bandwidth would be larger.

On a 56 kbps connection, it took me >10 seconds to load yahoo mail beta, Yahoo Mail WAP loaded almost instantly, hence time is saved.

So whats the catch ?

Like all good things in life, this one too has some weakpoints. Most sites wont use SSL for their mobile application pages(but Gmail for mobile does mind you). Also the display is anything but appealing. The website is basically a skeleton but most functionality is still retained.

2 Responses to “How to Save Bandwidth while Accessing E-Mail”

  1. Rohit Says:

    Even better, you should use POP or IMAP as offered by your mail provider. For instance GMail offers it for all users; Yahoo offers it for @yahoo.co.in users; AOL/AIM offers IMAP to all their users.

    Not only do you save bandwidth, but you can read and compose messages offline using this technique.

    Even better, you have an automatic backup of your mails on your computer when you retrieve your mail this way.

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Thanks Rohit, Excellent point made

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