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Jan 27

This is the online shopping portal of Big Bazaar , more importantly all the stuff you can buy at Big Bazaar at exhorbant discounts can be purchased from this site. This is really cool as anyone who has been to a Big Bazaar outlet will tell you that there isnt even enough air to breathe in while you are at the store. And the checkout queues are a mile long. Futurebazaar however does NOT have the daily needs grocery items , more of electronics , clothes, books , cell phonesetc. at some of the cheapest prices in India

2 Responses to “Futurebazaar.com”

  1. Ashish Banerjee Says:

    yaah! So Cool!!! I was lured by their advertisement and online hype. Being a regular ebay.in buyer, I thought I should give it a try. I ordered goods worth more than rs. 8000, and paid online. Though the payment was deducted from my bank account immediately, the order status remains “Awaiting Payment Confirmation”, even after eight days. When I contacted their helpline, I was told that their accounting department takes their own time to confirm. However, I received two items worth Rs 688 today. Rest of the items are still awaited. The two items delivered have their order status unchanged! Also, their web site software is unstable, it crashed giving a NULLPointerException (Its made using Apache Struts, a Java framework).

    Thus I conclude that they are yet to put their act together. Till then stick to ebay.in.

    I think it will take a long time to push away the Firangees from India ;)

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Yes, and another thing i had noticed was that the descriptions of cellphones were stolen from gsmarena.com, which means they might be inaccurate also as tech specs vary from region to region.

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