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Jan 14


One of our panel members flied by Spice Jet recently , and here is his experience (@him – i have taken the liberty to correct some spelling mistakes :P )

How did you book the ticket – I booked the ticket on their website , i made the payment with a credit card , it was quick and easy. I also chose my seat on the internet and printed my ticket.
How was checkin -I checked in pretty early making sure i conformed to all the prescribed things that can be carried. I checked in my luggage and my boarding pass was given. I also saw packages with fragile written being thrown about here and there.
How was the bus – The bus was pathetic to say the least, no seats , ABSOLUTELY NO SEATS , which meant all of us had to stand while other people came to the bus.

The plane – The plane was dirty from the inside and was a boeing , the seat spacing was good , but i had the honour of sitting behind those dodos who like to FULLY recline their seats.

Getting your seat – I had already booked the seat i wanted and had no hassles locating it , but the air steward (it was his first day i was later told) was a little ignorant when i asked him to put my hand baggage in the overhead containers.

The CATASTROPHE – There was a little fog all around , Spice Jet like most other private airlines does not have CAT III trained pilots , hence we had to wait for 2 hours in the plane.I would have been in my destination by now.

The Captain – Sounded like a foreigner ,told us to be patient all the time , the more times he said patient , the more i wanted to tear my hair out. But was polite enough to give us regular updates.

The Meals , you mean the biscuit , it was nice , nothing else is available in the flight to buy. Moreover as it was an early morning flight , most had come on an empty stomach and the delay put them in a foul mood.

The Flight Crew– The dodo-est people one can dream of ,while reading a flight information brochure , he actually read out

“The flight crew shall say this in some @#!@# way” , dont remember what it was exactly.

Then for 2 minutes he laughed at his own stupidity. His english was straight out of Rapidex Angrezi Course.
Overall , Okish experience, 2.5/5

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