This is a step by step guide , the software is pretty complicated and novices may have problems , therefore i decided to write this pictorial review

1. Download the appropriate Software from Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mobile Devices site according to your Palm OS version.

2. Install the Application on your personal computer, this will be your desktop application which which help you sync documents with your Palm Device.

3. Hotsync your device using the software that came free with your phone , this will Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your phone.

4. Open your Adobe Reader , you may need to hotsync again , this will open the following window , click on OK


5. Select the PDF File you want to put in your device, you may receive the following error and file conversion MAY subsequently fail.


6. Hotsync Again, the file will be transferred to your palmtop and it will now appear in Acrobat reader in your phone.

7. Enjoy the file !!!