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Dec 28


Domain NameĀ – The word fauxto , doesnt ring anything in my mind , so the domain name is not so pleasing in my opinion.

The Service – Still in Beta with new features being added regularly it seems , the application runs on Adobe Flash Player and loads pretty quickly. The interface is impressive and may remind people of Photoshop. Features wise the service still has very limited functions. The service offers five brush types , namely , round , diagonal , spatter , diagonal spatter and smear. The brushes take some practice getting used to. The text tool has 12 fonts , all the common ones , no flashy ones.

Overall – The service didn’t impress me much , although it has the potential to be big in the coming days. Maybe because its in beta its a bit sluggish , and will be better later on. Lets hope this one makes it big.

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  1. Jonas Says:

    In my blog, I write about uninstalling ALL applications from my desktop and only run online tools. I just did a post with a screencast of Fauxto on my blog.

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