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Dec 28

Opera mini it seems is everyone’s favourite , why shouldnt it be , the way it renders huge pages into a few kbs is ultracool. So many people had asked me how to scrap in Opera Mini on Orkut , the answer is simple (If you want to see how to login using Opera Mini onto Orkut , see our previous post
1. Just type what all you need to type in the field

2. Then type this javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById(‘b2′),’submit’);

Remove the space between : and s in the above command.

Similarly to know more such tricks , just see the javascript of the action you want to perform on Orkut and then you can use the same javascript URL on your mobile phone browser. This has to be done as Opera mini doesnt support javascript fully till now. Another good news for all you Opera mini fans is that Opera Mini 3 Beta has been released, keep looking at this column for a review !

2 Responses to “How to scrap on Orkut using Opera Mini”

  1. Vivek Srivastava Says:

    how can we view the javascript code for the related command in orkut?

  2. Vinay Says:

    i have a airtel card, how to possible a gprs service with airtel alive conect in my 6270 Mobile.

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