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Dec 19

We analyse the domains market , and why you should buy your domain ASAP if you have an idea that just might click and some general tips while purchasing domain names.
1. Your dream domain name will be gone – I give my own personal example , i had (have :) ) a pseudoname on the internet , the .com Top Level Domain (TLD) was available for that. I had the cash in paypal for it but was waiting mindlessly for no apparent reason. 5 days later i convince myself to buy that domain name, but to my horror i discover that someone has already booked my domain and parked it. So it makes sense to reserve your domain name.

2. Buy reputed domain names from reputed domain resellers – Dont go to your local market’s domain registrar , they might cheat you by registering the domain in their name and then blackmailing you. Also dont buy a combined package with hostings (Zac from zoomcities had this tip) , as your hosting provider might again blackmail you. Buy from reputed sites like Godaddy and others. I personally use Godaddy only and sure enough this domain is also purchased through them. (No we are not getting paid to write this , just our opinion). You may use any other reputed reseller also. Or maybe wait till we start reselling :P
3. Choosing the domain name – This is the most crucial element of your purchase , spend a lot of time researching the names that might be appropriate for your buisness. Your domain name should attract customers and should clearly tell your sutomers what your site is all about. If you are already an established company without an online presence , your job is a little easier , most people will assume that your web address must be yourcompanyname.com , hence some traffic will be automatically sent to your website.

4. Multiple Extensions of your domain name – When you start earning big , people will try to take advantage of your name and will try and malign your site. Its the sad truth. So once you start earning a lot , we reccomend you buy other TLDs of your company too. For example if you are an indian company , once you get started , you might consider buying yourcompanyname.in or yourcompanyname.co.in

5. Dont get a pun domain name – Just like a good domain name can take you very far ahead , a bad one can take your buisness down too. Read your domain name aloud , with all the permutations and combinations , it shouldnt sound like something it isnt supposed to sound like.

We hope our writings were beneficial to you.

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  1. Reickey Says:

    Really nice tips , maybe i need to buy my domain now :)

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