December 19, 2006

What people dont know

By WiseTechie

Well people have been coming here searching for what all and what not. We analyse some search terms

1. Airtel Live 403 Error – Seems like the access denied or the forbidden error , to the person who searched this : You are receiving this as airtel has limited its net access to only the airtel live portal and some selected partner sites (like indiatimes wap , rediff wap and one or two more) . Many people claim to have a solution for using free internet off of airtel’s gprs service. We do NOT reccomend this as Airtel might find out and charge you and that wont be nice believe me.

2. Orkut Addiction – Absolutely the thing you should search for while coming here. Orkut addiction has reached new levels , people spend their free time reading and writing scraps on this so called social networking site. Good thing , India doesnt know about myspace yet or else thise generation will be literally going to the dogs.

3. Index Ignore command – Read the htaccess tutorial i had posted for more on this. This command can be used to refuse the directory index of your site’s folders.
4. Picasa Web Order Prints – We have absolutely no idea on this having never tried this , but we never reccomend web ordering , just goto your nearest market and order. Believe me face to face ordering is much better than online ordering which can sometimes go horribly wrong although it might be cheaper and convinient.

Lets make this search engine strings analysis a weekly feature !!!